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Flakes: I’m posting this in a neutral standpoint. This is the opinion of a submitter and not the opinion of me or Lex_Light. I’m saying this to prevent misunderstanding.

This is about the situation regarding Michael Morones. The story posted by Equestria Daily is that Michael, an 11 year old brony, attempted hang himself after being bullied for being a brony. The whole EqD article can be found here:

This is a terrible situation and there is no doubt that a young man is in serious condition but a some things about the story concern me.

1) The story is that Michael was bullied for being a brony, which led to his attempt at suicide. But according to another relative, he attempted to hang himself Thursday night after an argument with his brother. Michael’s mother, Tiffany answered on the account she set up for her son’s recovery fund and didn’t correct the other relative when she made her reply. She made no mention of bullies tormenting her son because he was a brony but she didn’t deny that it was his brother that Michael was having an issue with.

2) A “Shannon Suttle,” who is supposedly either Michael’s father or stepfather (seems he also goes by the name of Chris Suttle, according to the email address used for Paypal donations, spammed George Takei’s page about trying to make this story go viral, so people would know about it and donate money to them to pay the medical bills. Since last Thursday when this happened there have been no mentions of this in any of the local newspapers or news sites. Only brony sites.

3) The mailing address for donations is in Georgia while the family is in North Carolina. It is a direct mailing address to a bar game business the father or stepfather is employed with.

I want to help but this isn’t as transparent as it should be. I hate being that guy but I don’t know how anyone could mistake brother for bully or not correct such a huge mistake, that’s saying one of your other kids caused that. There are portals for donation drives so using private paypals or business addresses is dodgy. EqD said the story was confirmed but they are not saying how.


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