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We are GeneraalLucas and Lex_Light. We (usually) post the stupid bullshit of the idiots in the Brony fandom. We'll also post stupid behaviour from Bronies and anti-Bronies.

This is one of those blogs where we bash Bronies. If you're a Brony and you don't like these types of blogs (Think Fuck No MLP) then I wouldn't recommend following us.

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The journal post talks about this guy… real nice fella, ain’t he?


cutiemarkcrusaders16 said: Babs: Howdy y'all. So when did you two first met each other

I kept submitting crap for months and after one leader went away I took over his spot.


Anonymous said: cartoonbrew(.)com/business/goodbye-hub-network-hello-discovery-family-103880(.)html



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Question to MLP G3 fans


Some of you may remember the survey I did on toys and television.

Now, to finilize it, I have to understand a bit more of our most beloved G3 audience. I have a theory on why they would love G3, but I need confirmation of it. Can you fill in this survey about it?


flutterborne said: are u brony h8trs

No. We hate on rabid bronies doing vile stuff, but if you’re just a ”I like the show and some cutesy fanart” that’s totally cool regardless of age and gender.



Anonymous said: The thing with bronies is they seem to believe gender roles survived for thousands of years purely by chance in many different countries, gender roles exist for a reason and they're not going away because a few effeminate men want to be special snow flakes. It's creepy and borderline trans and like many mental disorders it needs to be fixed not celebrated. I'm never going to find bronies not creepy and I'm never going to stop harassing them.

Tell that to males who watched stuff like girly shows even before MLP:FiM was a thing and to females who like stuff geared at boys, I am sure some of those people would laugh.

And I understand that for some people it’s creepy to think in grown-up wo/men who like childish shows, however, I think that as long as those grown-ups enjoy them, and they respect the actual audience of the show, it doesn’t matter if the show was made for children or not.


Anonymous said: looi was looking though your older posts and found this "But seriously, ask Doritos Pope (former mod of Brony Stupidity) for some more information about Bhaal." You mean the same guy who stole bhaal's former tumblr name for the whole sake just to harass him, and who goes under anon to also harass "try" and make a point? i dont know about you but that is rabidness and i thought you were against that

So, criticism about somebody who, between other things, hated on anybody who critisized PinkiePony “harrassment”, even to the ones who actually had reasons to hate her attitude on the Internet and lied about TenaFlyViper monetising her blog (oh, the irony, as he was actually monetising his blog) to try to invalidate her opinions and arguments against PinkiePony is now “harrassment”?

Look, I understand that some people don’t approve of those methods to take revenge on people who actually were assholes to anybody who disagreed with their opinions (the URL and the anon thing, I meant), but I think Bhaal deserves to grow up and get over the fact that PinkiePony was, for saying so, a fraud who, if it wasn’t for the Anti-Brony movement, wouldn’t become famous at anytime and she would be just another SJW.