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Anonymous said: I think anon is criticizing it for being crossover art when some people don't like ponies, it's shoving it down our face and associating Frozen with a dumb kids show I don't want to see.

I can see why people are against ponyfication, through, I doubt it’s going to stop at anytime, even if I wish there weren’t ponyfications of things like terrorism and other serious stuff.


Anonymous said: mlpforums(.)com/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-18328-0-50246300-1394928911(.)png WHY?

The image of which that person’s talking about.

I found it cute (even if I didn’t watched Frozen yet), and this doesn’t seem made with Pony Creator.


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If you name yourself  All-Bronies-Must-Die or something similar to that,

You’re a fucking idiot.

You’re not stopping Bronies, You’re just making yourself look like an ass

And also, about as bad as Rabid Bronies and Rabid Haters.


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Anonymous said: There is a brony at my school and he carries around a Rarity doll and calls it his girlfriend. One time he was making out with it in class and the teacher took it away from him. And he screamed at the top of his lungs. My ex is obsessed with MLP and his oc is a recolored Scootaloo that is an alicorn. One time he punched someone because they made fun of MLP. And another I showed him a MLP youtube poop. I'm getting tired of ponies because all the idiots are ruining the fandom for me.

I hate Bronies.


Anonymous said: Please take down that lps post, they're is nothing wrong with liking lps.

In case you didn’t notice, both Lex and I are big LPS fans.

There is, however, something wrong with the content of the post.


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From the ”twilight turns into Zoe at full moon” guy we get this:


…the heck?


Anonymous said: "Hey no fair, not all bronies are like that, I'm a good brony!" Gee, funny that because the only good brony is a dead brony.

No, Anon, No. Shut up.